About Romantic Ramblings

This WordPress was created for the purpose of drawing inspiration and learning from the British Romantic Poets of the 18th Century. It will explore critical thoughts, writing, and application of such from the point of view of these poets. The key to this blog’s life is its symbiotic relationship between the author and the readers. This interaction will create an environment that will effectively enhance  learning for both author and reader.


One response to “About Romantic Ramblings

  1. I think for me, the value of all poetry is in my being able to relate to it, either by my own personal experiences or by my ability to empathize with the poet. When I read of Wordsworth’s frustrations with the French Revolution after all his optimism, I see a real person expresssing true human emotions, emotions I, too, have felt when my beliefs in something have ended in disappointment. When I read Keats’s “Ode on Melancholy,” I, too, am forced to acknowledge that joy cannot be understood until one experiences pain and sorrow, and then take heart with the beauty and love around me. The Romantics were not afraid to personalize their poetry.

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